Were You Mis-Sold a SIPP Pension?

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What Is A SIPP?

A self-invested personal pension (or a SIPP) is a ‘do-it-yourself’ pension option, which allows you to draw together more varied investments than most standard pensions.

For some people, SIPP pensions are helpful, as they allow increased flexibility in terms of the quantity and types of investments you can enter into.

However, in some cases, financial advisers have encouraged investors to transfer money into high risk investments via SIPPS without proper explanations of the potential risks, sometimes resulting in significant financial loss.

How Was I Mis-Sold?

SIPP investment funds are usually selected by the financial adviser, who has a duty to choose investments which are aligned with the customer’s needs and objectives, as well as their attitude towards risk.

Despite this, some financial advisers have been placing customers’ funds into risky investments without the customer being properly informed of the dangers involved. As a result, some customers are facing depleted pension funds, and potential financial difficulties during their retirement years.


Who Are Anthony Phillip James & Co?

Anthony Philip James & Co Ltd are one of the UKs leading solicitors practices who specialise in Unfair Contractual Relationships such as Mis-Sold Pensions & Investments, with over 100 years-experience

They are THE solicitors of choice for many lead insolvency firms when people/funds go in to administration, they Currently manage over £200m of claims including miss-sold Pensions and Investments

This makes them one of the UKs leading and largest solicitors practice

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There have been potentially 000's of hard working people in the UK who have been DUPED into investing, their hardworking money that was in a safe pension, in to a Self-Invested Pension Plan (SIPP) that are typically designed for high net-worth and sophisticated investors, who can stomach a higher risk profile.

Bet They Didn't Tell You That

Our guess is, that you were contacted by a Broker, IFA or Marketing Company (who are not legally allowed to advice you on financial matters), into transferring your hard earned money into a high performing fund that would see you double or even triple the investment that you made in there (some were claiming of more)

If that sounds like something that happened to you, then there is a strong possibility that you could claim back the losses you incurred as a result of this, without incurring any further RISK to yourself or your what is left of YOUR PENSION.

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Anthony Phillip James & Co have already helped 000's of people in the UK claim back what is rightfully theirs. Hard earned money that was lost through no fault of their own through trusting someone that did not advice them correctly.

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Professional, brilliant service. Very efficient and clear and would highly recommend.

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I was recommended by a friend, very professional and got refunded from my SIPP investment.

Nigel Payne

Was told I wasn't entitled to claim for my investment , but the team at APJ got me £50,000 in 12 weeks!

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Anthony Phillip James & Co Ltd are SPECIALISTS in Mis-Sold Pensions and Investments with over 100 years experience representing clients in this field.

They are not a standard run of the mill "claims management" company that often works with multiple suppliers who give them massive kick backs and charge exorbitant fees for their "services", meaning your case usually gets forwarded to a company who may not be best placed to represent you, but best placed to offer a kick back to your claims manager.

Anthony Phillip James & Co have a proven track record of representing their clients and even assist on a NO WIN, NO FEE basis.


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